Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Numbers Change Everything

It's that time of year when I have to get my cholesterol checked again ~ and I did.  I don't like what the numbers told me.

My cholesterol is higher than it's ever been.  BUMMER! I am on an ultra-strict diet for 6 weeks and have to step it up a BIG notch with my exercise routine.  Then I have to be rechecked and if my numbers aren't down in the "safe" range, I have to go on those dreaded drugs.  


So why am I blogging about THIS?  Because I think if I tell someone, it'll keep me accountable.  


The irony is the diet I'm supposed to start eating ~ It's basically what I'm eating now. Lots of fruits and vegetables, multi-grains, low to no fat dairy, very few eggs (I like Eggbeaters anyhow), no beef (HA!  I don't really like beef!!), a little chicken and anything that lives in the sea. 

Seriously, that pretty much sums up how I eat anyhow.  With one exception.  And this is a LIFE-CHANGING exception that I have to cut out.  NOW.

Mexican food is off the menu for awhile.  :-(
Queso and chips = GONE
Margaritas = GONE

So here's to a healthier lifestyle.  I have exactly 6 weeks to get my cholesterol down at least 40 points.  
I need YOU to remind me, encourage me, FORCE me to stay on track.

Happy Losing to Me!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Or at least I'm starting to get in that Christmas-y mood.

I wanted to share a cool blog with you.   I ALWAYS and FOREVER struggle with stocking stuffer ideas  ~ and to top it off, the number of Christmas stockings seems to get larger every year.  Our new blessing, Ms. Ella Kate, will add one more precious stocking this year ~ which means one more stocking to stuff.  Actually, I can't hardly wait to do our granddaughters' stockings.  That sounds like pure joy!

Oh no, I'm NOT complaining!

I'm just not a great stocking stuffer shopper!

So when I saw this on Pinterest, I went to the blog and loved all the fun ideas!  Click here to read up on all 150 stuffer suggestions.  I hope you'll have fun with this just as much as I will!

Happy Soon-to-Come Holidays!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


What a perfect day to go to the pumpkin patch!

Ms. Harper had the best time, running free and looking for the perfect pumpkin.

She tried to pick them up but some were just too big ~
That's a BIG ONE!
She LOVED the animals ~ Especially the baby goats.  Then when she saw the sheep, she just sat down and watched them.  Her little tights got so full of hay ~ She looked as "farmy" as the animals!
 We met Mr. Scarecrow in the outhouse ~ She wasn't so sure about that guy.
Then we checked out the witch ~ Where are the eyes?  Where is the nose?  She touched each one!
Then on to the tent.
 Grandpa Diddy and Harper played telephone with the gourds ~ This is for you, Grandpa!
 She loved all the textures and shapes.  Each one got one lick!
 The wagon ride around the pumpkin patch was fun!
 Finally, she picked out her favorite pumpkin!  Here she is with her mommy and daddy.
 Loving it.
 Snuggling with Ms. Harper.
One ~ Two ~ Three ~ JUMP!

What a perfect day.

Happy Fall!

Friday, October 21, 2011


The past week has been full of happy memories because all our girls came home to celebrate two beautiful baby showers for Natalie and Ella Kate!  I love seeing how happy our girls were to see each other again!  It'd been quite awhile since we were all together.
Katie and Lindsey put on the most incredible Anthropology baby shower, along with my sister, Carol ~ who wasn't able to be here in person, but was definitely here in spirit ~ and my WAWA friends.  It was spectacular.
 Katie made an owl diaper cake complete with every little detail from shoes to bows to books.  Loved it!
 They made owl fans because it was in the mid-80's and was just the perfect added touch.  Ella Kate's board books were from Aunt Katie!
 Quilts on the ground for mamas and their babies was perfect.
Each table was decorated with colored glass vases and owls.
My sister-in-law, Nena's backyard was the perfect setting on a gorgeous day.  Don't you love the cupcake toppers welcoming Ella Kate!
Special kisses from Aunt Katie and Aunt Lindsey!
Mmmm ~ Ms. Harper loved the pink lemonade from the mason jar ~ BIG drink for her!
Harper and Addy became little mini-friends ~ 
Her mama, Ashley, and Natalie have been friends since middle school and are both due with their babies within 2 weeks of each other!
The Newman first cousins, minus Emily, were all there helping us celebrate.  Aren't they beautiful!
Baby Evan and Kendall and Ms. Harper and me enjoying the day.
Precious friends helped put on the best baby shower ever.
 Sweet Pea
 Natalie was blessed with fabulous gifts for Ella Kate.
Some very precious JBU friends came to help us celebrate.
I am one proud Gigi and Mama ~ Not only are these 3 girls absolutely beautiful on the outside, I couldn't be more proud of the kind of women they have all grown up to be.  I love them with my whole heart.  
Now we can't wait to meet our precious GN#2 ~ Ms. Ella Kate Leonard.
We already love her to pieces!

Happy Dreams!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sprays and Squeals

What started out as 'going on a walk' turned into water fun tonight. We had Harper all to ourselves while Lindsey and Brian watched the Hogs game with friends.  The 'walk' ended abruptly when Harper saw Grandpa spraying water on the grass.  That looked like a whole lot more fun!

She wanted to get in on the fun!
 First she wanted to get her hands in the spray.
 Then she helped Grandpa Diddy put the hose away.
 Hmmm...or maybe it didn't stay put away.  She wanted it back out!
I'm sure her mama is noticing that those clean pink Converse shoes aren't so pink and clean any more. Ooops.
 And what would a little girl and a hose be like without putting it in her mouth?
 Eeeeeeee!  Giggly girl!
She watched it come out and talked to it as it came out of the hose.
 Harper tried to catch the water in her hands.  What a cool way to learn what water looks like and feels like.
 Harper was so busy watering all the little leaves and grass.  She watered her feet and unfortunately, her dress. :-)
 She just couldn't catch the water and make it stay in her hand.
Oops, there's another little leaf that needed some water.
The love of my heart ~ Ms. Harper girl.

Happy Trails.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Fabulous Field Trip

The second grade at my school has been "adopted" for several years now by an incredible company, HICORP.  I think they are a gift straight from heaven!  They provide supplies, parties, gifts, and most importantly, they provide TIME with our kids.  Amazing people!

When the kids got off the bus, the HICORP employees made an arch for them to run through and cheered them on!  Inside, they learned about their company ~ and even had to recall what they learned!
Mr. Brad told them that they had to READ and make good choices and they could grow up to work for him!  But if they don't read and learn how to follow directions, he won't hire them! Loved it!

After the tour of the company and warehouse, outdoors we went for fun and lunch!  It was the perfect day for an outdoor field trip!
Pizza, water, cookies ~ all we could eat!  Fabulous!  We lined the kiddos up on the curb ~ asked if they were thankful? YES!!! And then we ate!

HICORP spent the afternoon playing football, softball, chalk art, jump rope, tug-a-war, and so many other activities with us!  Just love all these pics!

Kids will be kids ~ Give them a hill and they'll roll.
These buddies figured out how to pull apart 2 hula hoops and make one hoop big enough for all 3 of them to play with!  Future engineers.
We laid on the hill and found the coolest shapes in the clouds.
We had as much fun as the kids!
Before we got on the bus to go back to school, everyone got a root beer float and we took a huge group picture with HICORP.  What a perfect ending to our field trip day!

Happy Kids!