Friday, November 4, 2011

Picture Frenzy

I have a thing about taking pictures.  It is probably one of my most favorite hobbies in the whole wide world.  Not sure why.  But I know that if it's on film a picture, I'll keep that memory forever.  I never want to forget.

So last Sunday after lunch, we headed to Crockett Park in Brentwood, Tennessee.  Our son-in-law, David, had a photo shoot scheduled with some friends but wanted to take pictures of Harper Girl before they arrived.  She was on Day #2 without an afternoon nap and wasn't very cooperative.  However his pictures turned out amazing.  I wish I had them to display on here.  Maybe in another blog.

I also took my fair share of pictures.  Enjoy!

 Sweet Pea
Harper and Lindsey outside Journey Church on Sunday.
 Looking at the tree lights in the Factory!
David and Harper ready for the photo shoot.

David had to keep up with Harper ~ She was on the go constantly!
 This is the historical home at Crockett Park ~ perfect back drop for pictures.
 Harper checked out the pictures Uncle David was taking of her.
"Hmmm ~ How can I get off this porch without Uncle David noticing?"

 Harper and her mama
 This pretty much sums up the end of the photo shoot. 
Nap time coming right up.
One way to keep Harper in one place was to give her an iPhone.  
 Beautiful Natalie
Natalie's picture of Harper turned out so cute!

Hope you enjoyed all of these!  It was a fun day.

Tennessee in the Fall

I thought Fall Break would NEVER come ~ but FINALLY IT DID!!!

Lindsey, Harper, and I drove to Tennessee to spend a long weekend with Natalie and David.   There's no place like Tennessee in the fall.  Oh my gosh.  Beautiful.
We got to see David's office/studio.  That's was fun because I finally have a visual when I hear that he's been recording musicians, etc.  I didn't get a picture of the actual recording studio.  Not sure what I was thinking.
 I LOVE that steal guitar!

Oh yes, Ms. Harper showing her style.

It was frost-on-the-pumpkins-cold when we woke up on Saturday morning.  But by the time we got to the PumpkinFest, it was perfect.
 Harper was dressed as a kitty-cat but it had to keep her coat on so it was a little hard to see.
 I love downtown Franklin in the fall!  
Lindsey, Natalie and Harper ~ and of course, STARBUCKS!  We wish Katie could've been there, too.

The BIG EVENT came on Saturday afternoon.  A baby shower for Natalie and Ella Kate was given by their Nashville family.  It was amazing.  

The hostesses displayed Natalie's pregnancy pictures that David took on the mantle ~ the perfect touch!

Wishes for Ella Kate on the entry table.  Natalie will bind them into a book later.

Oh my gosh! The food! It was spectacular!
Natalie with her BFF hostesses.
 The lavendar-filled sheep was a favorite!

Lindsey and Harper posed in front of a ruffly curtain that Natalie's friend, Karrie, made for Ella Kate's nursery.  It was just stunning!

 Harper and Irabelle became friends ~ They loved climbing on the box.
 Sometimes they just sat there and other times they pounded on the wall.  Behind that door was Irabelle's daddy's recording studio and it had music playing.  They beat out their rhythm on the wall.  SO CUTE!
Aunt Natalie and Ms. Harper
Anna is my inspiration to be tall.  


I hope you're enjoying all these pictures!  Just a few more, I promise!

Elise came all the way from Memphis to help Natalie celebrate!  Her precious little guy, Gabriel, got to come, too!
Summer and Gabriel
 Katie and Karrie
Anna and Natalie

Natalie is truly blessed to have such a strong family of friends in Tennessee.  

I hope you enjoyed the shower with us!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Timing is Everything

God's timing is perfect.  That being said, it sometimes doesn't look so perfect from this side of the picture.   And yet we had THREE examples of God's perfect timing in this past week.

First, David and I have been planning this little fall trip to Franklin, Tennessee over my fall break for quite awhile.  Lindsey and Harper were going with us to see Natalie and David and be there for Natalie's baby shower.   A few days before the trip, we found out that David's chemo would not be administered with a pill, but through IV ~ weekly ~ for 2 hours at a time.  To say we were disappointed is an understatement.

And to make matters worse, his first chemo treatment was on the very day we were leaving for Tennessee. I begged him to see if he could do it a day earlier or even wait until we were home.  He felt he needed to just do it when they scheduled him.  We had so many questions before he took his first treatment but wasn't going to be able to get them fully answered until the next appointment.  He wanted us to still go to Natalie's and was sure he'd be OK.  I was very hesitant not knowing if he'd react to the chemicals.  But in the end, we went to Tennessee and he got his first treatment.  It went well.

On the Tennessee side of the trip, we had a fabulous time but Natalie was not feeling well and by the time we left, Lindsey wasn't feeling well, either.  We knew then that it was God's protection on David to keep him away or he most likely would've gotten "the bug", too ~ That would not have been good.

It was good to see God's timing.

Secondly, a day after David had his first IV chemo treatment, he got the call we've been waiting for ~ He was approved for the chemo pill, Sutent!!!  He no longer has to take chemo by IV.  What a huge answer to prayer.  I don't know why he had to go through that first treatment, but God knows.  I am just so thankful that God's timing was perfect.

And one more thing ~ on the very day that we got a huge medical bill, one of the ministers at our precious FUMC church called me and said they would like to give us a check to help us with our medical bills.  Oh my gosh!  On the very day!  It covered the bill we just got and a little extra.

God is so good to us.  How could I not trust Him?  He has already seen our future and knows what's ahead.  It was like he was reminding us, "Just trust me one step at a time.  I've got my arms around you."

God is SO good to us.