Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Measurement Fun in Math!

We had fun in math today.  Kids often don't get the measurement concept in the short amount of time we have to teach it.  I wanted to make it fun and yet make sure they're understanding how to measure, how to record the measurement,  and what the measurement even means.
 Last Friday, we took the 2nd graders outside and did 6 measurement tasks using non-standard measurement.   These girls were using their body lengths to measure how far it was from one chalk line to another on the track around the playground.

 Today, we measured playdoh shapes with our centimeter sticks.   We folded our papers into 4 quadrants.  The students had to listen and follow directions on what to make in each quadrant.

Then they had to measure each shape, label it, and record the measurement data on that quadrant.

They knew that if they completed their work before Math was over, they could have free play with their playdoh.  I would have to say that 100% of my kids were 100% on task throughout the lesson.

TEI would've been proud.

I got this fabulous math idea on Pinterest ~ my new obsession.

Happy Learning!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday, Fun Day with Ms. Harper

I really can't tell you how happy it makes me to have Ms. Harper here on the weekends.  Of course, we LOVE having her mama and daddy here, too. :-)  But there's something about that squeal of joy and those mammoth blue eyes that just puts this Gigi's heart right over the moon.
 She loved her crayons and coloring book at Rib Crib this noon.
 Oooooh ~ love those colors.  Yellow was her FAV.
 Hmmm... a little contemplating before her giggles again.
 Now that is so goofy.
So much personality wrapped up in the most perfect package.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our God-is-so-Good Day!

We entered today knowing that our lives would be changed forever ~ either for good or not.  We were believing in faith that it would be for our good.  So we walked into this day with confidence that "God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him." Ps. 43:1

David's CT-scan found a small mass in his abdomen about 2 weeks ago.  We wanted it O-U-T.  The surgery was scheduled for today but our work was only beginning.  We had a lot of praying to do to get ready for today.  We wanted God to reveal to us His power to heal David.  It's been one full year since David was diagnosed with renal cancer and had his kidney and tumor removed.  It was almost too much to think that he would have to go through any of that pain again so soon.

So many friends and family all over the world have been praying for David's healing and for our peace leading into the surgery.  We were at peace ~ the day was an adventure, for sure!  Katie and Lindsey were here this weekend, FIGHTING BACK against this big unknown "thing" we faced.  Just having them here has had a calming affect on me.  I would've loved to have had Natalie here, too, but Tennessee is only a heartbeat away.  She was here in her heart.

The surgery went well!  It was done laparoscopically (woo hoo!!) and the mass was removed without a problem.  He took the appendix out, too ~ David's dad asked if we'll get charged extra for that. hahaha.
We wait now for the pathological report and are praying and believing that it will be benign.

David is at home ~ up and walking ~ sore but so much better than what I expected to see from him!  We feel like God listened to every earnest prayer lifted up to Him and answered them perfectly.  We are feeling really loved right now!

Thank you all for praying and PLEASE keep it up!  I hope to report in the next few days that he is STILL cancer free and that the mass was benign.  Whatever happens, we know that God is SO GOOD!

What a miracle!

A Labor of Love Weekend

I just love when our kids are home and I hear them talk and giggle and plan baby showers ~ I love when Ms. Harper throws her arms around my neck or leans close to me when she's a little shy around other people ~ I love to watch her holding her Grandpa Diddy's big hand and look up into his eyes ~
I love when she screamed, "Atie!" and we all cheered at her first attempt at saying Aunt Katie's name ~ I love listening to her squeal with delight when she 1-2-3-jumps into the air between her mommy and daddy ~ I love to watch her great grandpa holding her and showing her how the magical trunk of his car just pops open!
This girl has so much personality ~ She makes my heart so happy!
He loves me ~ He loves me not.  I'm sure he loves her.
How could anyone not fall in love with this blue-eyed beauty?  Perfection!

But every little princess runs out of steam.   Time to say good-bye, Gigi!

I am so blessed!